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How does the Internet Exchange work?

Connect to the most open and cost effective Internet Exchange platform in Malaysia

As the second Internet Exchange in Malaysia, DE-CIX Malaysia is created to address the peering requirement from any organisation that wishes to peer, regardless of whether they are a licensed entity or not.

Leveraging on its geographical location, DE-CIX Malaysia provides content player and regional/global ISP with a hub in Singapore a very cost-effective way to push traffic to eyeballs northbound to Singapore.


  • No membership requirement. Peering participants do not need to join membership
  • We welcome peering from foreign participants, Malaysian enterprise, institutions from educational, financial sectors and non-profit organisation
  • Any organisation with an active ASN are welcomed
  • Peering port available: 1GE,10GE and 100GE
  • No contract on peering port subscription. Participant can leave anytime by giving a 30-days notice

Cloud Exchange

Your fast, simple, stable, and secure gateway into the cloud

As a private direct connection bypassing the Internet, the Cloud Exchange minimizes downtime and guarantees continuous connection to your chosen cloud service providers. Our unique and stable infrastructure reduces latency, allowing fast and effective collaboration in the cloud.


Cloud Exchange with over 50 cloud service providers.
Private, direct connection bypassing the Internet.
Simple and fast setup, flexible contract terms.

Value Proposition

For OTT players who are expanding their presence from Singapore to be nearer to the regional eyeballs, DE-CIX Malaysia is an ideal next-hop option.

Leveraging on the strategic location, OTT players are able to establish an extremely cost-effective content distribution node in Malaysia. Using DE-CIX Malaysia, the OTT player is able to set up peering with the regional providers, allowing them to distribute content with ease and efficiency.

Performance improvement. Peering in DE-CIX Malaysia allow traffic destined for southern peninsular Malaysia’s audience to be exchanged locally in JB instead of transiting back and forth via KL

Cost-saving. Transiting traffic via DE-CIX Malaysia reduce the long-distance transport cost necessitated by the existing’s KL/Cyberjaya-only peering

Performance improvement – peering in DE-CIX Malaysia can improve network performance as traffic can be exchanged in Johor Bahru without crossing the border to Singapore.

Cost-saving – for regional NSP whose existing traffic is mostly transiting via Singapore, peering in DE-CIX Malaysia can save transport costs as the traffic does not need to cross the border to Singapore.

Having a network presence in JBIX allows the global NSP to move beyond the ultra-competitive Singapore telecommunication market and to get nearer to their customers and the eyeballs. This will help them to better retain their customers while at the same time reducing their network cost by converting leased capacity to dark fiber connectivity

For Cloud and Hosting providers, DE-CIX Malaysia offers an extremely cost-effective and scalable distribution method to reach the eyeballs not just in Malaysia but Indochina and beyond.

Peering in DE-CIX Malaysia allows the enterprise/educational institution to have next-hop connectivity to all the peers in the IX. Not only that they enjoy better network performance, they will carry a network identity number (Autonomous Number) which will uniquely identify their presence in the Internet space.

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Our GlobePEER services allow networks to exchange traffic, helping you to make the most of your resources and expand your network.

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An Ethernet point-to-point service allowing you to install one or multiple VLANs on your access and to get connected to other networks.

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Our simple, unique and stable infrastructure reduces latency, allowing fast and effective collaboration in the cloud.

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